Xylem D5 Pro Pump - PWM + SATA

Xylem D5 pump to power your Absolute reservoir system.


  • Reservoir Tube
  • Reservoir Cap
  • Pump Top
  • Pump Bottom
  • Vortex Breaker
  • Reservoir Screw Package
  • Xylem D5 Pump (you are here)
  • Mounting Method

Xylem D5 pumps are the king of watercooling. Strong, silent, and reliable with 50k hours and 5 year lifespan. Xylem is a multi-billion dollar US company that makes pumps for a huge number of industries.

Now if you didn't know, many D5-style pumps on the market are either rebranded Xylem pumps with different company logos, sometimes modified. But at the end of the day, they're all Xylem pumps, often branded with Xylem's Goulds and Laing brand trademarks in different markets Or they're foreign knockoffs, which brings all kinds of questionable reliability.

Here, we chose the Xylem D5 with PWM control and SATA power. Most pumps are sold with the old molex four pin power connector. But molex, created in 1963, is a very poor connector and has been replaced by SATA as of 2000. Your SSDs, HDDs, etc. are powered by SATA. SATA is much safer and easier to use, though many pumps are still sold with molex, mostly because of tradition.

Also, we chose the pure power model, rather than a "vario" design. The vario is tiny knob on the bottom to adjust the power. However, with the ubiquity of PWM control, the pumps today simply don't need vario knobs. And vario knobs add another point of failure.

Additionally, our pro pump is unsleeved for easier cable routing. Because the Optimus D5 Reservoir is designed to keep cables hidden, we went for flex over sleeves.

NOTE: Warranty is provided by Xylem directly.