Absolute Reservoir Tubes

The Optimus Absolute reservoir features a professional high-end cast, not extruded, aquarium-grade acrylic reservoir tube. While cast acrylic is far more expensive than extruded, the professional reliability makes it the only choice for premium liquid systems. 

With 2.75” (70mm) outside diameter, 2.5” (63mm) inner diameter and ¼” (6.4mm) wall thickness, the Optimus reservoir is the thickest reservoir tube on the market. Most reservoirs are 60mm in diameter with a wall thickness of 5mm or less. Not only does the thicker reservoir looks great, but it eliminates the issues of thin-wall extruded reservoirs that are prone to cracking.


  • 5.75" (146mm) Total System Height
  • 8.5" (216mm) Total System Height
  • 12" (306mm) Total System Height


  • The reservoir tube can only be used with the Optimus reservoir system
  • Male threads mate with the pump top, female threads mate with the tube cap


  • Reservoir Tube (you are here)
  • Reservoir Cap
  • Pump Top
  • Pump Bottom
  • Vortex Breaker
  • Reservoir Screw Package
  • Xylem D5 Pump
  • Mounting Method