BLEMISH - Absolute Threadripper 3+ CPU Block


"Blemish" blocks are A+ performance blocks with small cosmetic imperfections.

We're hyper about quality and we only ship perfect A+ grade product. Of course, this means we have numbers of blocks didn't make the cut. Anything from smudge on a cold plate to a tiny scuff on a bracket will make a product a "blemish".

Blemish blocks will typically look like A-grade in a final PC build. The blemishes are typically only visible when examining up close.  In some cases, you may not even be able to find the blemish. Sometimes the blems are in the cold plate fins, so specs or marks are visible, but performance isn't affected. 

NOTE: we cannot send pictures of each blemish block to pick and choose.

  • A++ Optimus performance
  • Includes all hardware, instructions, paste, etc.
  • Imperfections can be: small scratches, scuffs, slight color differences, etc.
  • Ships in frustration free packaging (aka non-retail plastic bags)
  • NOTE: No returns or warranties with blemish products
Top Material:
Mount Finish:
Cold Plate Finish



Extreme performance, ultra-durable acrylic, anti-corrosion nickel and killer looks.



Extreme performance, crack-proof acrylic, corrosion-proof nickel and bulletproof construction.


The Optimus Absolute Threadripper 3+ is made for Threadripper 3's massive core count and thermal requirements, easily handling Threadripper's overclocking potential, even if you're pushing 700 watts into your CPU.

AMD Threadripper 3 combines four of their consumer CPUs for a single XL CPU with up to 64 cores. This groundbreaking CPU needs a truly next-gen cooler to match.


In cooling, more surface area = better cooling. The Absolute Threadripper block features our revolutionary Gen2 XL cold plate design with 225 micro fins, providing over 3.5X the surface area of the next top performing Threadripper waterblock.

With a surface area of ~424 cm^2 (~66 in^2) vs ~119 cm^2 (~18.4 in^2), the Optimus Gen2 XL cold plate's total area is nearly the size of an mATX motherboard.


We provide more than 100% IHS coverage (the metal lid on top of the CPU), allowing fluid cooling across the entire CPU surface area, not just the much smaller die area. Full IHS coverage is the real standard by which Threadripper blocks should be measured, not just die coverage.










Optimus sets another record for flattest cold plate on the market. Optimus machines blocks less than 1 micro-inch (µin) in flatness. This is 0.000025mm of roughness (measuring the peaks and valleys of the surface).Other cold plates are over 400% rougher than Optimus coldplates.

The only way to truly guarantee 0.000025mm level of accuracy is to CNC the cold plate perfectly with diamond bits. Optimus created proprietary diamond tooling that allows the cold plates to come off the CNC with a perfect mirror finish.

Additionally, because we control the fins and cold plate to such a precise level, we can make the distance between CPU IHS and the fins extremely small. Thin cold plates are able to transfer heat from the CPU faster than thicker cold plates.





Over three years of development went into creating our truly next-level patent-pending fin technology. Using a fully CNC machining process, Optimus is able to achieve 0.1016mm (0.004”) fins with 0.2032mm (0.008”) micro channels. This isn't just superior craftsmanship, it's generations beyond other fin designs.





Extreme corrosion resistance, excellent thermal properties and a lifespan measured in decades. Optimus Pro-XE Nickel is a true professional finish for ultra performance PCs.


Flaking, disintegrating nickel is a widespread problem in liquid cooling. After all, nickel PC fittings and blocks prohibit use with plain water, or you void the warranty. Instead, you must use anti-corrosive fluids to protect nickel components. Why? Because the industry standard electroplated (aka electrolytic) nickel is a cosmetic nickel finish that isn't meant to be used in liquid applications. Often called chrome or shiny nickel, electroplated nickel is cost effective and looks good.

Unfortunately, water, anti-fungals and fancy fluids will rapidly strip electroplated nickel. The gunk that will appear in block fins isn't just broken down fluid, it's often disintegrated nickel, paint and cheap plastics. If this seems crazy, it is. After all, the cheapest home faucet can handle tap water, so why can’t expensive PC parts?


Optimus Pro-XEis our proprietaryelectroless nickel process for liquid cooling parts. Electroless nickel, unlike electroplated, is an aerospace industrial finish with extreme chemical resistance, hardness and superior fluid lubricity. Our Pro-XE nickel is specifically tailored for liquid cooling, providing maximum corrosion protection, even in places normal nickels can't reach, like inside our cold plate's 202 micron channels.


Optimus Pro-XE nickel is able to withstand saltwater, corrosive chemicals and, yes, even plain water.With Optimus parts, you can use distilled water without fear of flaking. Distilled, aside from being cheap, is also the highest performance coolant readily available. Anti-corrosive additives lower the thermal conductivity of the liquid.That's why we can offer a 10 year warranty, even with regular H2O. It has been a herculean task to create Optimus's Pro-XE nickel, but the results look great and are nearly indestructible.

So why isn't everyone using electroless? Cost and appearance. Electroless is far more difficult to manufacture, especially when achieving perfect finishes needed for premium PC builds. And electrolytic can achieve that bright chrome look, even though it's highly susceptible to disintegration.


Traditional CPU mounting has always been a guessing game. The Absolute Threadripper 3+ block debuts a new Optimus method for installation, using the included T20 torque driver included with Threadripper CPUs. The torque driver has a maximum torque of 1.5 newton meters. When 1.5nm is reached, the driver disengages.

The Absolute Threadripper block features flush mounting nuts with a T20 star head made for the T20 torque driver. Simply tighten until the torque driver clicks and you’re ensured the most accurate mounting pressure available.


Famous overclocker Kingpin developed his own thermal paste for extreme performance liquid cooling systems. During our tests, we found the Kingpin KPX paste to have better performance and more consistent results. And it’s blue! While not a performance benefit, blue is easier to see than the gray stuff that blends in, so less chance of the “why is there paste all over my fingers?!” cursing that always happens.

The KPX paste spreads extremely well, which is critical for Optimus blocks with micron-level surface finishes. Combined with the Optimus Absolute block’s full surface coverage, the spread achieved is simply the best available.




  • TOP PLATE: Crack-proof cast acrylic from Plexiglas® or Röchling-brand acetal
  • COLD PLATE: US-sourced premium C110-grade copper, guaranteed ASTM B187 spec
  • COLD PLATE FINISH: Raw copper or electroless nickel
  • BRACKET: US-sourced machined 6061 aluminum, satin hard anodized
  • O-RINGS: US-made plasticizer-free EPDM o-rings
  • SCREWS: US-made 18-8 stainless steel or black oxide over stainless steel mounting screws, stainless steel cold plate screws
  • MOUNTING: Optimus-made CNCed stainless steel posts and 6061 thumbscrews


  • LOOP MATERIALS: Designed for copper loops (the standard in liquid cooling)
  • MOUNTING: All Threadripper motherboards (TRX40 & SP3)
  • COOLING: Compatible with all Threadripper CPUs including 64 core
  • MODULAR: Modular design for swapping mounting plates, cold plates and tops


In The Box

  • 1 x Absolute Threadripper CPU Block
  • 4 x Optimus CNC Mounting Posts
  • 4 x Optimus CNC Thumb Screws
  • 1 x Thermal paste syringe
  • 1 x Installation instructions


  • COPPER VS NICKEL COLD PLATE? Choose raw copper for highest theoretical performance (depends on overclocking and overall system). Choose nickel for aesthetics and/or liquid metal compatibility
  • ACRYLIC VS ACETAL? Our cast acrylic is actually far stronger than acetal, the traditional professional choice. Acetal won't ever crack, but it's soft and will deform with pressure and easily scratch. Our cast acrylic will survive far more abuse than acetal. So for all users, acrylic is recommended, unless you want the black look.
  • LIQUID METAL? BARE DIE?Go for it! Remember, liquid metal will etch copper immediately, though some builders like the performance of pure copper. Liquid metal will discolor nickel, but etching will take far longer. In both cases, performance of the cold plate won't be effected.
  • THERMAL PASTE? We include US-made Ceramique thermal paste. However, numerous thermal pastes are also excellent. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Arctic MX4 2019 are two of the highest performance we have tested.
  • FLOW DIRECTION? Fluid needs to flow in a specific direction -- center of fins and then out. On acrylic blocks, the "in" is connected to the center channel. On acetal blocks, the "out" shows the fins inside, while the fins can't be seen on the "in" port.
  • FLUSHING?All Optimus products have already been cleaned before shipping. You'll only need to flush your radiators and non-Optimus products. In fact, heavy system prep chemicals can be detrimental if they remain in small quantities in your loop. This can easily happen with fluid pressurized into o-ring grooves through heating.
  • CLEANING? Microfiber is your friend. Dish soap and water is ideal for our products. Always use microfiber glass cloths to prevent any scratches, especially on cold plates. Do not scrub, simply hand rinse. Isopropyl alcohol is not needed and can cause discoloration.
  • COPPER OXIDATION? Copper will immediately begin to oxidize (turn brown) when exposed to air. This is normal and expected and won't affect performance unless the oxidization is extreme, like the statue of liberty. But you're not leaving your blocks out by the ocean, are you?