Replacement GPU Block 3mm Rear Thermal Pad

Replacement 3mm Fujipoly thermal pad for Optimus XL Heatsink Backplate. It is highly recommended to reuse the original one that came with your block. But if the pad has been lost or completely destroyed, this pad will replace the original.

Unlike the original stock pad, the replacement is 2 pieces to help with install. Because the pad is so flexible and stretchable, it is very easy to deform. 


  • The thermal pad is applied directly to the XL Heatsink, not to the PCB.
  • First, remove top layer of thin plastic, exposing the pad.
  • Place backplate onto pad, being careful to align the holes in the pad with the standoffs on the backplate.
  • Once aligned, press firmly so pad adheres to backplate.
  • SLOWLY remove remaining plastic, starting at a corner, pressing to make sure the plastic doesn't pull the thermal pad off the backplate.
  • Don't worry if something goes wrong, the pad is very squishly and made to be reformed into place. Even if there is a seam or tear, it will flow together under pressure and provide the exact same performance.