BLEMISH - 4090 Strix/TUF REV1 Block


"Blemish" blocks are A+ performance blocks with small cosmetic imperfections.

We're hyper about quality and we only ship perfect A+ grade product. Of course, this means we have numbers of blocks didn't make the cut. Anything from smudge on a cold plate to a tiny scuff on a bracket will make a product a "blemish".

Blemish blocks will typically look like A-grade in a final PC build. The blemishes are typically only visible when examining up close.  In some cases, you may not even be able to find the blemish. Sometimes the blems are in the cold plate fins, so specs or marks are visible, but performance isn't affected. 

NOTE: we cannot send pictures of each blemish block to pick and choose.

  • A++ Optimus performance
  • Includes all hardware, instructions, paste, etc.
  • Imperfections can be: small scratches, scuffs, slight color differences, etc.
  • NOTE: No returns or warranties with blemish products, however any manufacturing defects like cracked acrylic are covered.
Block Finish
Cold Plate Finish