Absolute GPU Block - FTW3 3080/3090

Optimus Absolute GPU Block designed for the EVGA FTW3 3080/3090

The Absolute block is our all-out performance design, created to achieve maximum cooling on all areas of the new NVIDIA RTX 3080 and 3090 FTW3 cards from EVGA. The FTW3 GPUs pull huge amounts of power and require top cooling on all areas -- die, VRAM, VRM and more -- to achieve the best results.

Watch Gamer's Nexus achieve top benchmark results, beating liquid nitrogen builds with simply room temperature water. The Absolute block's holistic approach to cooling allows the GPU to perform better than simply extreme cooling the die.

We've put absolutely every performance and design trick into these blocks to make them perform. Because the GPU cards are a large with tall components, the final block is definitely extreme in every sense of the word.

BATCH LAUNCHES: We'll be releasing blocks in batches to make sure we produce blocks as quickly as possible and customers receive blocks in a timely manner.  


  • FTW3 Block - All Copper: $249
  • FTW3 Block - All Nickel: +$40
  • FTW3 Backplate - Slim: +$59
  • FTW3 Backplate - XL Heatsink: +$89



  • New four piece design: separate cold plate, mid plate, top plate and back heatsink bracket.
  • Optimus Gen 2 cold plate with large surface area, same design as our CPU blocks.
  • New XL Heatsink backplate with full size thermal pad soaks up and dissipates heat from both rear VRAM as well as GPU PCB in critical areas.
  • Pro-XE Nickel for maximum longevity
  • New custom white FDA-Grade EPDM gasket (not o-ring)
  • Extremely crack resistant cast acrylic


  • Compatible with all EVGA FTW3 3080 and 3090 cards, including ULTRA, and standard models. Not compatible with the Kingpin.
  • Backplate is required -- the backplate provides cooling as well as a mounting structure for the block itself.
  • All thermal pads are genuine Fujipoly brand: 0.5mm front, 3mm rear


  • MAIN BLOCK: height: 123mm (flush with edges of pcb), width: 287.5mm
  • BLOCK THICKNESS: 24mm (from PCB)
  • TERMINAL: 25.5mm high
  • BACKPLATE: 5.3mm (sticks out 7.6mm w/ thermal pad)
  • WEIGHT: 5lbs
Block Material
Back Plate Style
Back Plate Color
Satin Silver
Satin Black



The world's highest performance GPU block ever created.



Extreme performance, crack-proof acrylic, corrosion-proof nickel and bulletproof construction.