Absolute GPU Block - ASUS Strix 3080/Ti/3090


The Absolute block is our all-out performance design, created to achieve maximum cooling on all areas of the NVIDIA RTX 3080, 3080 Ti and 3090 Strix GPUs from ASUS. The Strix GPUs pull huge amounts of power and require top cooling on all areas -- die, VRAM, VRM and more -- to achieve the best results.

We've put absolutely every performance and design trick into these blocks to make them perform. Because the GPU cards are large with tall components, the final block is definitely extreme in every sense of the word.

WORLD LEADING DIE DELTA: The Optimus Absolute block achieves a nearly unheard of sub 10c delta or lower on the GPU die. This means the die temp will be only 10c over the water temp (30c die if water is 20c) in most applications, including heavy overclocking and raised bios power limits. In the real world, this means higher overclocks, better stability and excellent reliability.

XL HEATSINK REAR PERFORMANCE: The Optimus XL Heatsink matches or beats even the top active backplates on the market, and absolutely blows past generic cosmetic backplates. The reason is our XL Heatsink isn't a backplate in the traditional sense, but a massive heatsink with full-coverage thermal pad that matches or exceeds the real-world performance of liquid-cooled or heatpipe backplates. In testing, the t-junction will max at 72c during the most intense mining.


  • World's best performance in every area: die, VRAM, VRM, rear VRAM
  • Optimus XL Heatsink backplate on par with active backplates
  • Notched backplate compatible with ITX motherboards and ASUS mobos with dimms close to slot 1
  • Symmetrical design with inlet on left side, for the fancy looks
  • Includes Kingpin thermal paste and 0.5mm front and 3mm Fujipoly thermal pads.
  • New four piece design: separate cold plate, mid plate, top plate and back heatsink bracket.
  • Optimus Gen 2 cold plate with large surface area, same design as our CPU blocks, which is vastly larger than traditional GPU fin designs.
  • Pro-XE Nickel over raw copper for maximum longevity
  • New custom white FDA-Grade EPDM gasket (not o-ring)
  • Extremely crack resistant cast acrylic


  • Strix GPU Waterblock - Copper Main Block: $249
  • Strix GPU Waterblock - Ceramic Coating: +$40
  • Strix GPU Backplate - XL Heatsink: +$89
Block Finish:


STRIX RTX 3080, 3080 Ti, 3090

The world's highest performance GPU block, designed exclusively for the latest generation Amphere graphics cards.



Extreme performance, crack-proof acrylic, corrosion-proof nickel and bulletproof construction.



"The Optimus block is the best 3090 block you can buy."


"GPU temps are redonkulous...

I don't know what witchcraft Optimus pulled on this one."


"The gpu block is the

most amazing piece

ofcomputer cooling I have ever held.


"I have the Optimus block...

people literally did not believe my temps..."


"Worth every penny."


"The temperatures of the water block

are just amazing."


"By far the easiest

gpu block I've ever installed."


"In short, this block is amazing. I have just started to see how hi I can take my OC, but I am really impressed with this waterblock and it is hands down the best block for this card." https://bityl.co/7Hdu

"The Optimus block is the best 3090 block you can buy." https://bityl.co/7Hdk

"Added the 1000 watt bios. Have it set for 600 crossed 15k on port royal and almost 12k on time spy extreme. Made the top 30. This block is no joke." https://bityl.co/7HdG

"Finally got my system up and running with an Optimus block. This thing is a cooling beast! Tops out in the low 40c range at 2100mhz after an hour under full load."https://bityl.co/7HdG

"The optimus backplate is really good because of the thermal pad that covers the entire PCB." https://bityl.co/7HdM

"Optimus is no joke. Worth every penny." https://bityl.co/7HdM

GPU temps are redonkulous...I don't know what witchcraft Optimus pulled on this one.https://bityl.co/7HeP

By far the easiest gpu block I've ever installed. https://twtr.in/3Drk

Dropped temps across the board significantly. Dropped my nearly 15c at idle and by nearly 30c under load. Outstanding piece!https://bityl.co/7HdM

...When mining full time at max temp vram junction for me is 74 degreeshttps://bityl.co/7HdM

I have the Optimus XL backplate. It is a huge block of aluminum. Does a great job. I'm in the process now of taking benchmarks. My Thermal Junction temp went from 82 deg C to mid 60s deg C. GPU temps are mid 30s when gaming!

The NB miner 30-minute ether mining test saw a +1500 Mhz on memory, and core clock locked to 1185 Mhz, average hashrate 125 Mh/s, max temp (t-juct) 76C...https://bityl.co/7HeD

I'm mining the gpu right now. It's hitting 33c gpu1. 49c gpu2 mem are all 50c. Pwr ranging from 45c to 55c. I've been running 24hours for the last 3 days.https://bityl.co/7Hdr

Temps are chilly af! Idle water temp is 27.4 while cpu is 34 and gpu is 28. I’ll stress test later but so far I’m really impressed! https://bityl.co/7HdM

The temperatures of the water block are just amazing. https://bityl.co/7HdM

I have the Optimus block as well and people literally did not believe my temps, they said sensors must be bad or something. Hah! https://bityl.co/7HdM

The gpu block is the most amazing piece of computer cooling I have ever held.https://bityl.co/7He9


Beating traditional GPU waterblocks in all areas



The Optimus Absolute block achieves a nearly unheard of 8-10c delta or lower on the GPU die, even in extreme overclocking scenarios. In the real world, this means higher overclocks, better stability and excellent reliability.





Extreme corrosion resistance, excellent thermal properties and a lifespan measured in decades. Optimus Pro-XE Nickel is a true professional finish for ultra performance PCs.





Over three years of development went into creating our truly next-level patent-pending fin technology. Using a fully CNC machining process, Optimus is able to achieve 0.1016mm (0.004”) fins with 0.2032mm (0.008”) micro channels. This isn't just superior craftsmanship, it's generations beyond other fin designs.


Optimus sets another record for flattest cold plate on the market. Optimus machines blocks less than 1 micro-inch (µin) in flatness. This is 0.000025mm of roughness (measuring the peaks and valleys of the surface).Other companies are over 400% rougher than Optimus coldplates.

The only way to truly guarantee 0.000025mm level of accuracy is to CNC the cold plate perfectly with diamond bits. Optimus created proprietary diamond tooling that allows the cold plates to come off the CNC with a perfect mirror finish.

Additionally, because we control the fins and cold plate to such a precise level, we can make the distance between CPU IHS and the fins extremely small. Thin cold plates are able to transfer heat from the CPU faster than thicker cold plates.





Optimus uses only genuine Plexiglas® and Polycast™ brand cast acrylic. Unlike extruded, cast acrylics offers extreme crack resistance and incredible resistance to liquids, temperatures and chemicals. That's why cast acrylic is the only choice for everything from airplane windshields to the world's largest public aquariums.



  • TOP PLATE: Crack-proof cast acrylic from Plexiglas® or Röchling-brand acetal
  • COLD PLATE: US-sourced premium C110-grade copper, guaranteed ASTM B187 spec
  • COLD PLATE FINISH: Raw copper or electroless nickel
  • BACKPLATE: US-sourced machined 6061 aluminum, satin hard anodized
  • O-RINGS: US-made plasticizer-free EPDM o-rings
  • GASKET: US-made plasticizer-free EPDM and FDA-grade custom gasket
  • SCREWS: US-made 18-8 stainless steel mounting screws, Optimus made stainless steel cold plate screws



  • MAIN BLOCK: height: 123mm (flush with edges of pcb), width: 287.5mm
  • BLOCK THICKNESS: 24mm (from PCB)
  • TERMINAL: 25.5mm high
  • BACKPLATE: 5.3mm (sticks out 7.6mm w/ thermal pad)
  • WEIGHT: 5lbs


  • Compatible with all ASUS Strix 3080, 3080 Ti, 3090 models
  • Not compatible with other ASUS cards
  • OPTIMUS BACKPLATE REQUIRED: the backplate provides cooling as well as a mounting structure for the block itself.
  • ASUS MOTHERBOARDS: the XL backplate is able to work with nearly every motherboard made, including the ASUS mobos with DIMMs close to the top slot. The slim backplate is only for extremely small SFF builds that can't fit a backplate.



  • 1 x GPU Block
  • Thermal paste syringe + spatula
  • M1.5 hex key, T8 torx key, 8mm hex key
  • 2 x G1/4 Plugs
  • Installation instructions


Thermal Pads

  • Front thermal pads: Fujipoly - GR45 - 0.5mm
  • Rear thermal pad: Fujipoly - PG25 - 3.0mm


  • COPPER VS NICKEL COLD PLATE? Choose raw copper for highest theoretical performance (depends on overclocking and overall system). Choose nickel for aesthetics and/or liquid metal compatibility
  • ACRYLIC VS ACETAL? Our cast acrylic is actually far stronger than acetal, the traditional professional choice. Acetal won't ever crack, but it's soft and will deform with pressure and easily scratch. Our cast acrylic will survive far more abuse than acetal. So for all users, acrylic is recommended, unless you want the black look.
  • LIQUID METAL? BARE DIE?Go for it! Remember, liquid metal will etch copper immediately, though some builders like the performance of pure copper. Liquid metal will discolor nickel, but etching will take far longer. In both cases, performance of the cold plate won't be effected.
  • THERMAL PASTE? The KPX paste included with the GPU is the highest performance paste we've tested for use with the GPU block. The spread is very even and thin, which patches the polished cold plate for ideal contact.
  • FLOW DIRECTION? Fluid needs to flow in a specific direction -- center of fins and then out. On acrylic blocks, the "in" is connected to the center channel. On acetal blocks, the "out" shows the fins inside, while the fins can't be seen on the "in" port.
  • FLUSHING?All Optimus products have already been cleaned before shipping. You'll only need to flush your radiators and non-Optimus products. In fact, heavy system prep chemicals can be detrimental if they remain in small quantities in your loop. This can easily happen with fluid pressurized into o-ring grooves through heating.
  • CLEANING? Microfiber is your friend. Dish soap and water is ideal for our products. Always use microfiber glass cloths to prevent any scratches, especially on cold plates. Do not scrub, simply hand rinse. Isopropyl alcohol is not needed and can cause discoloration.
  • COPPER OXIDATION? Copper will immediately begin to oxidize (turn brown) when exposed to air. This is normal and expected and won't affect performance unless the oxidization is extreme, like the statue of liberty. But you're not leaving your blocks out by the ocean, are you?