"Holy cow, finished installing the block and got 7C dropfrom the Phanteks under load on the 3950X, really happy with it, AMAZING Block" Source


"...without a DOUBT, the Optimus Block Outperforms Every AM4 Block I currently have... in Every Single Test I have run, the Optimus Outperforms the Eisblock by between 4 and 6c. The More Amps I push the chip, the bigger Difference I can measure..." Source


"I did drop about 5-6c with this block compared to both the EK Velocity and the heatkiller pro IV, so GREAT BLOCK HERE..." Source


"As a guess, from the temps I am seeing now, I will achieve the 5-6° that Optimus says they see in their tests." Source


" appears that when compared to my EisBlock, the Optimus is about 5c Cooler...I have to say this block is definitely a win! 10 Out of 10, Would Recommend!" Source

"...So, my take away from these temps is this new block probably lowers the temps by about 4 C..." Source


"The upgrade is 3-4degrees it appears. They have screenshots how 3900X performed on there test bench...I did notice the flow rate for the block was much better than the heatkiller, it went up by 0.9-1 L/min." Source


"'s stellar. The full coverage of the chiplets on the Ryzen 3900X definitely makes a difference vs corsair xc7 and ekwb velocity (which were the roughly the same performance)...I would say I see a ~3-5c (sometimes even higher) difference in all workloads as well as idle..." Source


"Did more testing. The Optimus does out perform the Heatkiller on 3700x by about 4 degrees.
Optimus: 58-61
Heatkiller: 63-65
Noctua U12A: 66-70"



6.5c improvement plus attempt to break the acrylic: