Extreme performance, crack-proof acrylic, corrosion-proof nickel and bulletproof construction.

We are pleased to announce we are moving to Cerakote!
Cerakote is an ultra-premium ceramic coating that will replace all our nickel and anodized products (save for cold plates). It’s as strong as sapphire, incredibly chemical resistant, and looks amazing.


  • Cerakote is a US-made extreme-performance ceramic coating designed for extreme corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Cerakote can be found on items from premium mountain bikes to firearms, watches and much more.
  • Cerakote is a very time-consuming process that includes a final thermal baking period to turn the coating into a fine ceramic shield over the material.
  • Cerakote also outperforms all other coatings for chemical resistance and, interestingly, flexibility under mechanical and thermal stress.
  • Cerakote is a super thin coating, unlike paints and powder coating. And actually improves o-ring and gasket sealing.



Cerakote has a higher thermal conductivity than nickel plating, though at the extremely thin application of both our nickel and Cerakote, the performance difference compared to raw copper watercooling blocks is undetectable by our lab or consumer systems in PC builds.

Moreover, Cerakote is ceramic and doesn't register on the galvanic chart, making it a perfect companion for water cooling.



  • Cerakote features a 9H hardness on the 1-10 Mohs hardness scale.
  • For reference, pure sapphire is 9, titanium is 6, nickel is 4, copper is 3, aluminum is 2.5, while diamond is 10.
  • Additionally, Cerakote has extreme chemical resistance to every type of coolant in PC building as well as far more industrial chemicals used in other industries.
  • Cerakote will out perform even copper in long term reliability due to copper's rapid oxidization and galvanic corrosion potentials.