Absolute GPU Block - RTX 2080 Ti, RTX TITAN

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The ultimate GPU block. With record-beating performance, triple layer design and nearly indestructible construction, the Optimus Absolute GPU block is simply the best GPU block ever made.


Performance first: the Absolute block is designed to meet the higher thermal requirements and larger dies of the latest NVIDIA GPUs. To achieve the best results, we created numerous unique design elements.

Where GPU blocks are typically constructed of a bottom plate and top plate, we separate out the cold plate from the mid plate. This allows us to use our Gen2 cold plates on our GPU block.

With its world's-finest fin design and best performance, the Gen2 cold plate offers a massive surface area for the latest generations of large GPU dies with even higher and more concentrated thermals.Older thick fin designs simply cannot match the performance of micro fin designs.


Featuring a completely new type of flow path design, the Absolute GPU block separates the inlet and outlet via EPDM o-rings, just like a CPU block. All other blocks on the market only use one o-ring around the outside of the GPU block.

The single o-ring results in an incomplete seal at the center of the block, allowing fluid to bypass the fins and move from inlet to outlet channels. If you've ever wondered why fluid gets stuck on top of the nickel islands on the block, now you know.

While separating the flow paths is more time consuming and difficult to construct, we believe this is how all GPU blocks should be constructed.


Our blocks are significantly thicker than all other blocks on the market. This isn't just aesthetics. Thin GPU blocks will often bend in the middle. And with bending comes bad die contact. 

We make our copper middle plate double thick and include a 3/4" inch cast acrylic or acetal top plate to make the Absolute GPU block the new benchmark in graphics card cooling.


A common problem with GPU blocks are stripped acrylic screw threads caused when the top terminal is taken off the block and reattached. Unfortunately, once a thread is stripped, the block is nearly worthless and must be replaced.

We mount our terminal into the massive copper mid plate, not the acrylic. We never use acrylic screw threads in any of our products, only metal-to-metal mounting. 


A common practice with GPU blocks is to add separate standoffs to the underside of the GPU block to mount the block to the GPU PCB. 


  • NVIDIA 2080 Ti & RTX Titan compatible
  • Works with reference PCB aftermarket cards
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made in Chicago, USA
  • Back plate not included
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