Absolute Threadripper 3+ CPU Block


The new best Threadripper water block has arrived. The Optimus Absolute Threadripper 3+ is made for Threadripper 3's massive core count and thermal requirements. AMD Threadripper 3 combines four of their consumer CPUs for a single massive CPU with up to 64 cores. This groundbreaking CPU needs a truly next-gen cooler to match. 

Featuring our revolutionary Gen2 XL cold plate design with 225 micro fins (preliminary), the Absolute Threadripper 3+ micro fins provide over 3.5X the surface area of the next top performing Threadripper waterblock. With a surface area of ~424 cm^2 (~66 in^2) vs ~119 cm^2 (~18.4 in^2), the Optimus Gen2 XL cold plate's total area is nearly the size of an mATX motherboard.

Surface area matters, check out Matt from Performance PCs doing an indipendent live benchmark of the Optimus Signature block vs the competition:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxBknBlpOJM&feature=youtu.be&t=579

Moreover, where typical blocks strive to simply cover the dies with fins, we provide more than 100% IHS coverage (the metal lid on top of the CPU), allowing fluid cooling across the entire CPU surface area, not just the much smaller die area. Full IHS coverage is the real standard by which Threadripper blocks should be measured, not just die coverage. 

Additionally, we use the exact same fin design as our world's best Signature and Foundation blocks. Some Threadripper blocks enlarge and expand the fins to cover the dies, rather than adding more fins. This was done to save time and cost, it simply doesn't provide the needed cooling for the latest gen Threadripper.

The Absolute block's extreme coverage design allows the Absolute Threadripper 3+ to handle the thermal requirements of not just 64 cores, but 64 overclocked cores. With the Absolute block, you're able to achieve lower temps for higher overclocks previously impossible with traditional cooling platforms. 

Finally, the Optimus Absolute Threadripper 3+ block uses a unique monolithic design where the central cast acrylic block is sandwiched between a massive billet aluminum housing and the full size copper cold plate. This design ensures complete pressure across the entire IHS with zero flex so thermal paste spread is uniform and precise. Plus, this design eliminates acrylic screw threads like all Optimus products, ensuring zero acrylic cracking potential. 

  • Only Threadripper block with fins covering more than 100% of Threadripper IHS
  • 225 total microfins (preliminary)
  • ~424 square centimeters (~65 square inches) total fin surface area
  • World's smoothest cold plate finish
  • World's thinnest CNCed cold fins at 0.1mm
  • Extreme crack resistant cast acrylic by Plexiglas
  • Extreme corrosion resistant Pro-XE Nickel cold plate (optional)
  • Plasticizer-free EPDM o-rings
  • Zero acrylic screw threads
  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum housing
  • Made for copper loops (no aluminum touches liquid)
  • Spring-less mounting for accurate torque installation
  • 100% safe for pure water cooling
  • 100% made in Chicago, USA
  • 10 year warranty
Top Material:
Mount Finish:
Cold Plate Finish